Debt Consolidation Programs – What Are Your Options?

What exactly is debt consolidation? Essentially, debt consolidation is when you basically roll all of you other smaller, less important individual loans into a larger loan, most likely with a significantly lower interest rate and a much longer repayment term. This enables you to write just one check for an entire loan payment rather than several, while also lowering your overall monthly payments.

There are numerous ways you can use debt consolidation to your advantage. You could use it to consolidate all of your small, emergency debt such as credit cards and personal loans. You will only be paying one monthly payment, as opposed to several payments to several different companies, and you will only have to make one small monthly payment vs. several large ones. You can also use debt consolidation to combine your student loans. Many students have multiple loans with various interest rates and repayment terms, and it would be extremely difficult to pay them all at once under the same terms.

Another great thing about debt consolidation loans is that you will pay less per month overall as a result. This is because you will be making just one, large monthly payment vs. a number of smaller monthly payments, and you’ll save money on interest. The debt consolidation company will in turn offer you some type of benefits (such as reduced interest rates or possibly reduced monthly payment amounts) to entice you to take out the loan. In return, the lender collects the payment from you and pays the company at a much lower interest rate, thus resulting in a net saving on both the borrower and the lender.

Another option is to use debt consolidation to get a debt reduction. Typically, when someone consolidates their debts, they get a debt reduction or debt settlement. Basically, the debt consolidation company pays off your high-interest debts and replaces them with a single lower-interest loan. Since the debts are paid off, you no longer have to worry about paying the debt payments, but since they are all now consolidated into a single lower-interest payment, this lowers your overall debt to income ratio and therefore the amount of interest you pay overall. This is a huge benefit to many debt consolidation customers who have high interest debt balances.

Finally, there is a third option available for those interested in debt consolidation. It’s called an interest only debt consolidation program. In essence, this type of debt consolidation allows you to make one lower payment each month, with interest being applied to the first-time-only portion of the payment. By paying off your credit cards and other unsecured debt, you can save a substantial amount of money on interest over time. Although this program allows for more money to be paid out to the lenders, it also has a higher default rate overall.

Regardless of which debt consolidation method you choose, the most important thing to remember is that you have options. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have found debt relief through various means, and you should not hesitate to explore yours. Even if you are unsure that you can handle a procedure such as debt consolidation, you never know, you may find the peace of mind that you need. For more information, visit the online website of a debt relief network. For more details on debt relief programs visit

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