How Often Should You Clean Your Gutter Clogs?

Gutter clogs can cause water damage to your home, so it is important to keep them as clear as possible. A power wash can quickly remove clogs, dirt, and debris from the gutter system. This will allow water to flow freely down the downspouts and away from your home. A power wash is also an excellent way to get rid of algae, mildew, and moss. It is especially effective on textured surfaces, like stucco and brick, where a sponge or brush is not enough to reach the grime trapped inside.

How often your gutters need to be cleaned will depend on where your house is located and the natural weather patterns in your area. If you live in a wooded area, your gutters will fill up with leaves and pine needles more quickly than if you lived in an urban area. You may need to clean your gutters as often as three or four times a year, depending on the amount of foliage surrounding your house.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to clean your gutters, there are plenty of videos online that show people using a blower to force out all the accumulated debris. While this method works, it is labor-intensive and requires a ladder. In addition, you may need to block the downspout while blowing out the gutter so that it is not clogged by debris as it is being blown out of the gutters. If you do this, make sure to wear protective gloves and a mask to avoid inhaling any toxic materials that are stuck in your gutters.

In most cases, it is easier and more effective to hire a professional DMV power washing services to clean your gutters. A good power washing company will have years of experience and will know exactly how much pressure to use to clean your home without damaging it. They will also have the proper equipment to clean difficult-to-reach areas that a garden hose cannot.

The best time to clean your gutters is in the Spring, after the trees on and around your property have stopped reproducing and dropping their leaves. If you don’t keep up with a regular cleaning schedule, your gutters can easily become clogged by buds, seed pods, oak tassles, ragweed, and other small plants and debris. Clogged gutters can restrict the flow of water, leading to overflow and causing water damage to your home or foundation.

There are some items that you should never power wash, such as air conditioning units. The force of a power washer can cause the metal fins to bend, preventing them from cooling effectively and shortening their life span. It can also launch lead particulates into the air, which is dangerous to inhale. It is best to hire a professional DMV power washing services for any outdoor areas that contain sensitive electrical components or other items that cannot withstand high-pressure spray.